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User Testimonials
One of the best things about running this service is the steady stream of unsolicited "thank you" emails we receive. We thought we'd take a moment and share a few.

Dear Sirs,
This email is just for thanking you for the free service you provide to all Internet community with the search. It's very simple to install and very very useful to users. All options are friendly, complete and easy to customize. Again, thank you for offering FreeFind to all of us!!!
Just wanted to say I appreciate the weekly reports They tell me a lot. Thanks! -Ethesis
Just signed up for a search engine and I've got to say well done, that's the best interface I've come across in a few years now!
-Mick H
Guys and Gals,
Thank-you very much, what an absolutely fantastic tool. I have just added a freefind search engine to my site and can't believe its free. What a wonderful addition its going to make to my web site. Thanks again
-Peter K.
I don't have any support issue, I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the service your site provides. The administration that I am provided with is phenomenal. Thanks -Scott P.
i would just like to thank you guys for making this incredible search engine free. keep up the good work! -Ambrosius
GRAZIE!!! -Armando
Dear FreeFind,
I've been using your Search service on my personal homepage for several months now and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. Keep up the good work and thanks for being there.
-Steve L.
Hi Alan,
thanks so much for the response and the help - that sounds like exactly what I was after. Just wanted to say, also, that as a new user of FreeFind I've been extremely impressed so far - it's nice to feel like there's a real human at the other end of a conversation! Keep up the great service. Cheers, Isabel
Your free service is great!
Thank you.
-Orlin V.
Hi all...
Just wanted to say thanks for your service! I have Excite search available to me through my provider, but don't really like it. I've tried Google, et al, and found reasons to be grumpy with each one. :-) But so far, I love your service...Can't find a thing to be grumpy about! It even lets me get past the javascript I use for my frames so search results can be opened on top, rather than "frame within frame". Thank you so much...
-Kim G.
Several weeks ago I originally signed-up for Freefind and some of the utilities afforded to websites. Then a yesterday I cancelled as I was re-organizing some sections of my personal website. Today I re-applied and I have to admit, that after reading all of the instructions and tools available, your service is by far easier to implement and offers the freedom of numerous options. I've used several other personal website search engines before, but Freefind is much better organized and the information presented in a very professional looking results page. I intend to put a search button on each and every page and section in my site. Thank you -don
I'm so glad to have found you.
Am working on the set-up now. Have just requested spidering by your outfit. Will be glad to advertise your existence.
-Annie M.
What a service!
-David M.
I just wanted to say, I found your search engine on someone's page, I tried a different one, and it just didnt work and no help back to me to get it working, with yours, it was so easy! and it worked right away, I was so please and now my genealogy members will be so happy with this great search engine, thanks for being FREE ! Happy user Debbie :) -Debbie
Dear Sirs,
I just wanted to say thank you for your great service and site. Congratulations on the superbly organized setup instructions. As soon as my site earns enough money, I will start to subscribe to your services, which I now use for free. You have won a loyal customer. Looking forward to working with you in the future.
-Monika F.
Wanted to thank you immensely for your service your search has made my site completely user friendly and has really taken the headache out of keeping up with trying to figure out how to fit things so that people can find them easily..thank you thank you...
-Darren P.
FREAKIN AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! -Chris F.
Just a note to praise your wonderful search engine. I added it to our site today and dumped the other that we had been using for a couple of years. What a difference!
-Lenny R.
Good Day!
Man, I've been looking for a really thorough engine, and free find is definitely it! The customization is unbelievable. Right now I'm going with the free bit--had to check it out first, but I will definitely be purchasing a package deal in the future. Hell, I needed some cool ads, too.
Hola, saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sirva este e-mail para agradecerles por los servicios gratuitos que dirariamente nos dispensan. Realmente es fabuloso el servicio que nos prestan. Ya lo he recomendado a mis amigos webmasters. Muchas gracias nuevamente y hasta pronto. Quedamos a vuestra disposiciĆ³n.
-Mario V.
Have has Freefind on my site for some time now and am more than pleased that it is non-intrusive, accurate, easy for searchers to use. Also helps me in preparing information for my site. Thank you.
-Lorraine L., Western Australia
I just joined your company and eventhough I just put your search tool on my site I like the way it looks and think its going to add a real value to it. Thank you -DJ C.
Just got your service working at our web site and wanted to say "Great Job! I can't imagine our web site without it. -Greg P.
Just wanted to tell you that your service is AWESOME! :) -Betty R.
Dear Freefind Staff.
Just a note to thank you for such an excellent service. It is well appreciated and very efficient together with an being such an excellent feature for my site which happens to be a local telephone directory. I am sure you receive many such notes which you well deserve.
-Graham P.
Hi there,
We have just installed your search engine on our site and wanted to express our complete satisfaction. A brilliant system and working a treat. We have been looking for something like this for ages and thought we should let you know how pleased we are with your system. We found it as a friend of ours in England has it on her page and we were so impressed we decided to try it. Many thanks indeed and best wishes from Australia.
-Eunice and Ron, Queensland Australia
Dear People:
I want to congratulate on your great search engine! I put the free engine on our site about a month ago. I can't get over the thoroughness and speed with which it indexes. The free engine is a god-send for our non-profit organization. Keep up the good work!
-Hollis B.
Just a very short mail to say your service on the net is the best !!!! I put your Freefind searching engine in all the web sites I am making on - Thank you very much- This mail arrives to you from Italy and I do hope you will understand my English. -Luca, Italy
We appreciate it very much when you add a link to FreeFind from your site." Done! And happy to do so, what a great service you provide. Thank you. -Paul S.
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